Democracy and the Rule of Law ▸

To ensure that democracy works for all of us, we need to understand what democracy is, how democracy works, and how checks and balances keep the powerful in check. Democracy and the Rule of Law begins with the idea of democracy, then scaffolds students into understandings about liberal democratic systems of government and the rule of law.

Lord of the Flies: The Novel Study ▸

William Golding's tale of boys stranded on a tropical island has been described as "a compulsory stop of any surveyor of the English novel after the Second World War." Lord of the Flies: The Novel Study uses the Law 30 curriculum as a frame to provoke classroom discussion and critical thought about the ideas of the rule of law and the process of governance.

Subject Law, English
Grades 12
Municipalities Matter ▸

Completely revised for the new Saskatchewan Social Studies 8 curriculum, Municipalities Matter introduces local electoral and law-making processes.

Subject Social Studies
Grades 8
Our Government Our Election Second Edition ▸

Designed for senior Social Studies, Our Government, Our Election is a Saskatchewan-specific introduction to government, politics and elections.

Subject Social Studies, Law
Grades 10, 11, 12
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town: The Learning Resource ▸

An exploration of how the law relates to Stephen Leacock’s classic novel.