R. v. Wyler Mock Trial Kit

Lesson Four: Conducting the Trial


This lesson is the culmination of the preparation set out in Lesson Three. It will allow students and invited members of the community to better understand court processes through the experience of a mock trial.

1. After students have adequately considered and prepared for their roles and the set and costumes have been prepared, the mock trial can be performed. For performing the mock trial, consider designating a student—perhaps the Court Clerk—to act as a timekeeper.

2. Immediately prior to the commencement of the mock trial, people should be assembled as follows:

  • visitors should be assembled in the gallery
  • witnesses should be seated in the gallery until called to the stand
  • lawyers should be seated at their tables

3. To begin the trial:

  • members of the Jury should enter and take their places in the Jury Box
  • the Accused should be escorted to the Dock, where they will remain at all times unless they are asked to the stand to testify (a student may be designated as a Provost Officer who will escort the Accused to the Dock)
  • the trial may then begin as outlined in the Trial Script

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