R. v. Wyler Mock Trial Kit

Lesson Five: Debriefing


Students will critically consider their experiences and accomplishments in order to better understand the justice system.

1. As a class, review each student’s experience.

  • What were the main responsibilities of your role?
  • How is that role important to a fair trial?
  • How did it feel to play your role?

2. Review the specifics of the case.

  • What were the elements of the crime that had to be proven?
  • How did the Crown set about proving each element?
  • What did the lawyers ask the Accused and witnesses?

- Why did they ask these questions?
- Should other questions have been asked?
- Should some questions not have been asked?

  • Did you believe the witnesses? The Accused?
  • Did each side effectively sum up the case for the Jury?

- What was the main point each side made?
- Would you have summarized the case differently?

  • What was the verdict? Do you believe the correct decision was made?
  • What did the Judge decide for a sentence? Was it fair?

3. Discuss with students that the idea of “winner” and “loser” is not necessarily clear-cut, even in a court case where a verdict is rendered.

  • A great defence may not save an Accused who has clearly broken the law. Does a conviction then necessarily mean the Defence Lawyers are “losers”?
  • A good attempt at prosecution may not convict an Accused if the Prosecution’s witnesses are unbelievable. Does this necessarily mean the Crown Prosecutors are “losers”?
  • How does society win when justice is served?