Municipalities Matter


Our community is familiar. Our local actions are tangible. And our municipal politicians are often very accessible. Thus, municipal governance seems the natural starting point to engage students in the electoral and law-making process.

With this in mind, PLEA has updated our learning resource on local governance, Municipalities Matter: Social Studies 8, to help bolster young people’s civic engagement.

Specifically written for Saskatchewan’s Social Studies 8 Curriculum,
Municipalities Matter: Social Studies 8 begins with a community examination in Lesson One, then builds towards students constructing their own plan for personal involvement in the local political system.

Each lesson plan is constructed using objectives, procedures, and suggested curriculum links. Alongside this are handouts, activity sheets, and project outlines. When appropriate, background information summaries, answer keys, and evaluation rubrics are included.

Of course, just as the issues facing each teacher and their classroom are unique, so are the issues facing each Saskatchewan community. PLEA recognises that teachers are the professionals best-placed to construct a Social Studies 8 program tailored to teacher strengths, student. needs, and community issues. Thus, Municipalities Matter: Social Studies 8 is written in an open-ended manner, so that teachers can use their discretion to intensively and meaningfully engage students in their own community. By using this resource alongside other resources, Municipalities Matter: Social Studies 8 can act as a frame to achieve many of the Outcomes prescribed in Social Studies 8.

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Municipalities Matter

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