Contract and Consumer Law


Law 30 teachers often remark that students find criminal law the most exciting unit of study. The sensational nature of many crimes captures our interest, yet the reality is that on any given day, your students will most likely neither be victims nor perpetrators of crimes.

On the other hand, almost every day young people will encounter contract and consumer law issues. Knowledge of this area of the law will help students navigate everyday consumer transactions, and may even help them avoid disputes that could end up in court. Building student understanding of contract and consumer law has practical relevance for life, every day.

With this understanding, PLEA created Contract and Consumer Law. Specifically designed for Saskatchewan’s Law 30 Curriculum, this resource
fulfils several LAW30-CV3 indicators. Each lesson is broken down into objectives and procedures, and includes handouts, activities, and information

While this resource provides all the basic tools for a unit of study in contract law, we encourage teachers to use this resource as one piece of a broad-based approach to teaching contract law.

Because teachers are the professionals closest to the learning taking place in Saskatchewan classrooms, your thoughts and feedback on this and any other PLEA resource is always appreciated. Drop us a line.

Contract and Consumer Law

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