The PLEA: Shipwrecked

The PLEA: Shipwrecked


How would you govern a society? Who would your leaders be? How would you choose them? What kinds of rules would you create? Would you be more concerned about providing freedom or creating order? What would you do about people who refused to follow the rules? How would you protect the most vulnerable?

Such questions strike at the core purposes of law. The answers we find will not always be “right” or “wrong.” But some answers will be better than others. Laws are rules of conduct for a society, and the best possible society will have the best possible laws.

To understand why some rules, laws, and systems of government can be better than others, this issue of The PLEA examines how shipwreck survivors set up their castaway societies. Often the castaways who survived were the ones who acted the most kindly, and created the best rules possible. Ideal for most any reader, Shipwrecked fulfills several Foundations of Law (FL1) Indicators in Saskatchewan’s Law 30 curriculum.