The PLEA: The Bathroom Barrister

The PLEA: The Bathroom Barrister


Speed limits determine how fast we can drive. Litter regulations are designed to keep our communities clean. Food inspections are meant to ensure what we eat is safe.

These three simple examples demonstrate three ways that law is all around us. But think more deeply about these examples, and you’ll also realize that they demonstrate that law provides order for our diverse society.

So what is law? Laws are democratically-constructed and broadly accepted rules meant to serve several purposes:

This issue of The PLEA takes an uncanny approach to examining these purposes of law. From a quick introduction to laws and regulations associated with the washroom to an in-depth case study of the sewers of London, what will emerge from The Bathroom Barrister is a better understanding of yet another way that the law is all around us. So sit down and settle in for a new perspective on a room common to everybody.

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