The PLEA: Book Club

The PLEA: Book Club

PLEA Throws the Book at You

The law is related to literature in many ways. In fact, a whole field of study devoted to “law and literature” took root by the 1970s. Today, there are over 100 professors teaching law and literature.

Law and literature can be divided into two areas. Some people focus on the law as literature. This is the idea that legal writings such as judges’ decisions can be better understood using techniques of literary interpretation. Other people focus on the law in literature. This is the idea that concepts associated with law can be explored and better understood through literature.

It is law in literature that will be the topic of The PLEA Book Club. Drawing from the Suggested Units in Saskatchewan’s new English Language Arts 30 curriculum, it will provide teachers with approaches to teaching literature based on the curriculum’s Questions for Deeper Understanding. For casual book readers, it will provide a law-related basis upon which to consider some staples of literature.

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